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Welcome To Log Furniture Guide

 The Log Furniture Guide is your online resource for information on rustic log furniture shopping.  Browse one of the “Log Furniture Information” categories on the right column of the page to get tips and information relating to log furniture styles, wood types used, manufacturing, and reputable retailers.

 This site is a dedicated resource for Cedar Log Bedthose shopping for log furniture for every room in your rustic cottage, mountain cabin or country lodge.

The increase in popularity of log furniture in recent years has prompted a significant rise in log furniture manufacturers of all types –  from mass production machine milled log furniture to premium handcrafted custom log furniture. Most of the premium handcrafted furniture is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.  

The aim of our website is to provide information and tips on log furniture shopping from a price point perspective, functionality and durability, as well as the various types of log furniture – whether it be White Cedar, Red Cedar, Aspen, Hickory, Pine, Walnut, or Willow twig furniture. 

We will include information on how to care for your log furniture, as well as what types of log furniture you may want to consider depending on whether you plan to furnish indoors, outdoors, or both.

Please feel free to leave any question or comment below regarding log furniture shopping.  We will review your post respond promptly.

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